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21 Denis Court, Tillsonburg

On behalf of Coldwell Banker - G.R. Paret Realty Ltd., we wanted to personally thank Kim Poole for taking time out of her day to meet us at 21 Denis Court this past Monday morning, as well as Lynn Wardell for considering us for this opportunity.

Every property comes with a unique set of benefits and challenges when being put up for sale and, fortunately, our office is equipped with an unparalleled level of experience and expertise in the Tillsonburg residential market.

3 Bedrooms
1.5 Bathrooms
~ 1,300 sq ft
Appliances included
1974 Build date
1994 sale for $123,300


Listing Plan

Kim Poole and Lynn Wardell,

Upon our inspection of 21 Denis Court, we quickly determined that it is an extremely saleable property. When dealing with properties that are sure to generate a lot of interest, they must be handled very strategically to ensure that they reach their full potential in sale price, as well as to ensure that multiple offer situations are dealt with well and ethically. Coming off of two residential sales of one-level, all brick ranches in the past 14 days through our office, we are more than confident in our ability to handle the work that this property deserves.

After reviewing the residential sales from the area for the last calendar year, some promising comparable properties presented themselves. We were actually the listing brokerage for 21 Denis Court back in 1994 when it was purchased by CMHA, as well as being involved with the sale of 30 Denis Court when it sold last July. All three of our primary comparables offer some great information to base our pricing off of, but there is still inflation calculations to be made throughout that 9-12 month window.

Circling back to our sales in the past 14 days, we know first-hand the demand that these one-level, all brick bungalows have. We withheld offers on both of these properties and received over asking price for both. With our main comparables in mind, as well as more recent sales within the Tillsonburg area, we believe the market value for 21 Denis is within the range of $322,000 to $327,000. With that being said, and after taking our own bungalow sales into consideration, we are confident in listing slightly above this range at a list price of $329,900.00. In addition to this list price, we also strongly recommend the following Listing Plan:

1. Put out a, "Coming Soon", sign on 21 Denis seven days prior to making the listing active on the market

During this, "Coming Soon", period, we will get our dedicated, professional real estate photographer into the property to advertise it in the best light possible. This process isn't cheap, but the cost is completely covered by us as the representatives of the property to further set us apart from the average brokerage

- During this period, we do not allow showings on the property or host open houses, as this is our time to build interest, as well as prepare for the activation of the listing

2. Activate the listing and withhold offers for a period of 8-10 days

- During this time, we get as many showings through the property as possible, as well as host multiple open houses to generate as much interest as possible. This is our tried and true method that has proven to be effective time and time again, especially with vacant properties when showings and open houses are flexible

3. Review offers at a specified time and date

- After exposing 21 Denis to the market for a period of just over two weeks, we then meet together to review all offers that have been received on the property

- This time and date is stipulated and advertised on the listing as soon as it becomes active to ensure that all those interested have submitted their offers in time, as well as to make scheduling with the owners of the property as efficient as possible


While striving to be the most accomodating brokerage in the Oxford, Norfolk, and Elgin Counties, we make sure to offer services that go above and beyond...

Professional Photography (Previous Listings):

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We are proud to offer our unbeatable quality of service for the sale of 21 Denis Court, Tillsonburg at a total commission rate of 4.00%.

This rate includes all of our advertising campaigns, full-service management of the listing, and co-operating broker's (buyer's agent) commission.

Best of luck, and we look forward to hearing from you!

Gary Paret

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Patrick MacDougall

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