I grew up in Tillsonburg, appreciating everything that it has to offer. I started working for the Tillsonburg News when I was seven years old, Spicer's Bakery when I was thirteen, Tillsonburg Sobeys when I was fifteen, and finally Inventory Management Analysis when I was eighteen.

Growing up as the youngest child of four, I was able to learn from my older siblings’ experiences. I developed an optimistic perspective throughout life’s ups and downs knowing that everything would work out if I put my best foot forward. With the help of a sports-based childhood, I knew that the effort I put in and the attitude I showed up with are always within my control.

I also knew that I wouldn't be happy following a traditional path. So, while working as a business analyst in London, I acquired my real estate license at night. Moving forward, I am continuing on my mission to re-write the real estate profession in the Southern Ontario area.

Lastly, and I promise I won't keep you much longer, I had to mention that I love to move. I love to run, bike, swim, lift, and jump.

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Phone: (226) 231-3275 

Office: (519) 688-3820

Email: patrick-macdougall@coldwellbanker.ca

124 Broadway Street

Tillsonburg, ON N4G 3P8

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